I am not the Patriarchy and you are not the Victim.

While going through Kottu.org I stumbled across a blog aligned to the Bakamoono movement. Within the use of conflation, emotional manipulation, and exaggeration I found this line that I found to be quite worrisome. This line worried me because it was more than just unionized rhetoric but rather socially divisive. “Patriarchy has done its job ... Read More

Why is Sri Lankan Retail So Bad?

I write this after having bad service at a premier tea center. This was easily preventable and was due to the staff. I refrain from naming the place as they are the sorts to infer this article as a testament to their exclusivity. They took a long time to serve me and didn’t give me ... Read More

Vehicle Parades

This is an open letter I wrote after a vehicle parade for the Battle of the Saints prevented me from riding my bicycle on a Saturday. Dear Colombo, Your expensive children are sitting on door ledges of powerful sports vehicles that are being driven by maniacs! A parade in most nations is a procession of ... Read More

Double Standards @HarshaDeSilvaMP @Bakamoonolk

Let me start by saying that I would vote for Harsha if he was in my electorate. He is one of the few politicians I would not mind inviting into my own home. A double standard is when a code of conduct is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups. Harsha De ... Read More

Report from the RBI Forwarded

Subject:Report from the Reserve Bank of India From:[email protected] To:[email protected]; [email protected] Cc:[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Date:Thursday, March 15, 2018, 9:46:20 AM GMT+5:30 Dear Mr Vajira Gunawardene, I write to you in your role as the Director General of the SEC. The framework and regulation which you create will make or break the ... Read More

Response to Unusual Trading Activity Enquiry

This is a letter I wrote in response to a unusual trading activity enquiry which had made no allowance for the scale of my market activity. The SEC and CSE are religiously opposed to a world of small stakeholders in large corporations. They show disdain for shareholder voting, rights, and participation within the exchange. From: ... Read More

Unsent Statement on CB Governor

7th March 2018 On Banking Concentration Under Indrajit Commaraswamy we are to see a major consolidation of the non-banking financial institutions in the country. We are currently also seeing a huge recapitalization of the banking industry. I have many issues with the current Central Banker but feel that on an overall balance he is doing ... Read More

York Holdings Share Consolidation

This was the final email I sent to Mrs Nilupa Perera, Head of Trading,Market Surveillance & Corporate Affairs, on this matter. I would have held more shares in order to benefit from the consolidation but sadly I had not read the corporate disclosure. Her response was to reiterate the corporate disclosure. From: Dinesh Perera [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Tuesday, ... Read More