Shall we decide?

The Prince of Kandy Also published at This is being written in two veins. One to point out the massive corporate hypocrisy of our media landscape. Secondly and most importantly to at least maintain the adversarial façade of our political landscape. Rajandram Rajamahendran was not a nice man. His achievements in cricket are mainly ... Read More

Sounding poor

The Prince of Kandy Also available at We live in a nation where actual political choice, which lies between the SJB and SLPP, have at least from a media image perspective pivoted themselves to the lower ranks along our socio-economic spectrum. The two major parties in rhetoric pander to the poor. This takes the ... Read More

Alas a little too much a little too late

The Prince of Kandy The following article was also published on the Daily FT on Wednesday 21 April 2021 and at The recent media focus and political activity on the Port City though incredible in terms of magnitude are far too late and sensational to have any impact on policy. What will come into ... Read More