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Subject: Independence
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]; [email protected]
Date: Sunday, June 3, 2018, 5:27:41 PM GMT+5:30
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Dear Visa and BookMyShow,
I write to you following a failure to place a discounted transaction on your site. As you may know, this month Visa cardholders are entitled to up to 25% off for movie ticket bookings through your site. The error prompt I received instructed me to book more than one ticket to avail the offer. Despite this and my credit card (MasterCard) I decided to go through with a Visa Debit card payment. This was for two reasons; One I couldn’t find the more than one ticket in the terms and conditions, and two I believe it’s in everyone’s interest to support the individual endeavor. This email is about more than a discount. This email is not a mere complaint. This email is about independence.
By choosing to prevent anyone from doing anything alone you are forcing that person to an activity he or she may not choose. Your actions are not that regulatory but rather help bring about stigma around the independent venture. People doing things alone are already at a price disadvantage as restaurants and venues tend to price for two or more. Sometimes you aren’t even allowed in if you are alone. This is saddening as groups of people tend to be both insular and aggressive. Independent people are on average more interesting and trustworthy.
To quote Gustav Le Bon, the father of crowd psychology, “In crowds it is stupidity and not mother wit that is accumulated.”
I put forth these ideas from my visits to the Lionel Wendt. In my observations I find that people as part of larger groups are not the ideal customer. They on average pay less. They collectivise transactions preventing usage of both website and payment card. They are less interested in the play. They are quite insecure with many wearing more make up than those on stage. They are disruptive and communal in their behaviour. They have a symbiotic relationship to each other preventing natural movement to and from exits. They become less attractive proportional to their size. Due to the difficulty of convincing every member they are less likely to try something new or do something unplanned. Let us do away with them.
I have attached all documents to this email. I hope to hear from you soon.
Kind Regards
Dinesh Perera
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