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Below is the response I sent to Daily Mirror Life following an article by a well known socialite by the name of Kollu. I doubt my message ever reached the actual author.

Subject:The Loathsome Socialite
Date:Friday, February 16, 2018, 4:00:57 PM GMT+5:30
Dear Mirror Life,
Please be so kind as to forward this response in a manner you feel suitable to Kollu;
Dear Kollu,
I on behalf of the CIS batch of 2013 would like to respond to your recent article titled the “Loathsome socialite.” We couldn’t help but feel that this piece was targeted at us. We have a large student base whose parents are as you would characterize them “traders”. We are prone to conspicuous consumption. We lack tradition with CIS being a lot younger than most buildings in Colombo. This however matters little in the real world. CIS by far has the best contemporary university entrance list of any school in Sri Lanka. Our students go on to achieve great things in multinational business. What we may lack in anglicized manner we more than make up in terms of social adaptability as our school is ethnically and socio-economically diverse. I have met contemporary Royalist and there is nothing much to speak of. The old crowd are also a bit delusional on their grandeur. Your article shows little knowledge of history. The old aristocratic elite were built on arrack licenses and broadly unfair terms of trade. I suggest you read Kumari Jayawardene’s “From Nobodies to Somebodies”. You may dislike the rise of the “new” rich but at least it will be good for the gene pool. I would like to say that even for this quite public insult, we would not shun you in a social setting or wish you any harm. Which is the very reason why your characterization of us is unfair.
Sincerely Yours,
Dinesh Anthony Perera
also available at time of writing this through

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