My First of many 3rd Class Essays at Uni

Lecturer: Essay Question-“Offering Work Life Balance Programs will result in positive outcomes for organizations and for employees.” Critically evaluate this statement using theory and evidence from the research literature. Dinesh (Thinking to himself): I shall not be put to the task of writing a truism. Dinesh: The statements only failing is in its choice of words. Appropriate ... Read More

Trying to be funny on Event Registration

Event registration is more than just a formality with certain organizers.  I remember signing up as and when I received the email. They did not like the fact that I placed my occupation as ‘rightful king’ or wording to that effect. Subject:Re: Participant registration for Chevening alumni event – September 21 From:[email protected] To:[email protected] Date:Wednesday, September ... Read More


People close to my work ask me why I would decide to go public at this stage. I deal with very strong vested interests and as such it would be dangerous for me to publicly compile my work. I like Ranil and Sri Wickrema Rajasinghe am not scared. Also Verite Research challenged me to do ... Read More