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This is a letter I wrote in response to a unusual trading activity enquiry which had made no allowance for the scale of my market activity. The SEC and CSE are religiously opposed to a world of small stakeholders in large corporations. They show disdain for shareholder voting, rights, and participation within the exchange.
From: Dinesh Perera
Sent: Friday, March 3, 2017 6:38 PM
Please find below my personal response.
Dear Ms Nilupa Perera,
I am writing this as a response to your later dated 1st March 2017. On the 28th of February I bought shares in over a hundred companies. I did this so as to be a recipient of all correspondence sent from a company to the shareholder. To my knowledge this correspondence is not freely available on the Stock Exchange website. I am of the view that this correspondence will give me a legally obtained informational edge over other market players. This information would be useful for example in a merger between two companies.
Let me go on to address the concerns in your letter. By choosing to buy over a hundred stocks I will invariably buy some at a higher price and others at a lower price than the price at market close on the previous day. In my experience of Atrad choosing to stack orders before the market opens is the most time efficient way of completing this task. All my purchases were at the lowest ask price and I only traded in stocks that had ask prices. The day to day fluctuation of prices is a common phenomenon in the market. I believe the true concern here in terms of Market surveillance is that a large number of stocks fall under a stock price of 2 LKR. The share market should not consider these low value stocks with the same sensitivity as higher value shares as the smallest possible change of 10 cents triggers significant percentage changes in the value of the stock. At least consider a minimum value when reporting the top market gainers and losers of the day. I hope to hear from you soon. It is my opinion that the information as provided in your letter paints a dishonest perspective of my trading actions. The letter through the omission of my entire trading activity could be used to suggest that I aimed to distort prices or the value of the ASI which is not true and hopefully not possible when dealing with as many stocks with under 850 LKR.
Kind Regards
Dinesh Perera

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