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Let me start by saying that I would vote for Harsha if he was in my electorate. He is one of the few politicians I would not mind inviting into my own home.
A double standard is when a code of conduct is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups. Harsha De Silva has recently called (quite literally) for the taking down of a roadside advertisement on the stated basis that it had not received municipal approval. The advertisement in question though slightly offensive was in no way harmful to society. I protested the Ministers actions on his twitter feed.

  1. Harsha de Silva‏Verified account@HarshadeSilvaMP Jan 19 More

The unauthorized hoarding was removed by CMC #SriLanka after my complaint. If BlueMountain wishes to they can apply for permit to redisplay

  1. DineshAnthonyPerera‏@anthony_dinesh Jan 19More

The requirement for municipal approvals leads to the need to pay a bribe. Why not have a legal framework that does not require approval but rather compliance with preset standards? Congrats on putting a printer, an ad man, and a realtor out of work and creating a government job.

  1. Harsha de Silva‏Verified account @HarshadeSilvaMP Replying to @anthony_dinesh

Once we get the Kotte MC we will introduce a comprehensive eGovernment system including getting permits. More later…

The very same Minister again in a bid to pander to power advocated for the immediate upliftment for the ban on social media due to its impact on business.

Harsha de Silva‏Verified account @HarshadeSilvaMP Mar 11
Had long discussion w Sec to Pres also Chairman TRC. Explained at length negative impact on economy. Hope he can convince Pres to unblock

Sri Lanka is for the most part a physically unfit nation.  The suggestion of exercise to a local woman regardless of content would have spurred social outrage. To be fair even the suggestion that people inclusive of local women should be pleasant to each other would have caused considerable protest. This outrage as was the case with the roadside advertisement would have been instigated by all female communities like These groups believe in a male led conspiracy against the female gender. To use their terminology, the males of any society collectively join to form a “patriarchy” whose sole purpose is the subjugation of women.
I want to live in a world where a politician takes similar concern for the business activities of a local gym, graphics designer, and printer than he does for the business activities of an internet giant.
P.S I also currently want online access as a retail investor to the corporate debt market. In the long run I want capital markets in Sri Lanka to mature.

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