Lawmakers Who Don’t Understand the Law1 min read

Apologies for the rushed manner of this post. It is difficult to play a game with someone who is willing to cheat. We saw this in 2004 when colluding with terrorists was considered a justifiable move by certain parties. It is even more difficult to play a game with players who don’t understand the rules and thereby viable options. On top of this imagine if you will a player who chooses to act against their self-interests and outside the bounds of viable options. Strategy becomes impossible. In this regard we must ask the important question. Does the Supreme Court understand the rules, and does it have the integrity to uphold it? Is the instability caused by all of this worth it? Why not wait for an election wherein you can ask for a mandate to do what you have just done? Why not defeat the budget and call for an election as opposed to this treachery?

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